How to view source in Outlook 2010 – email headers and html

Ever struggle to find how to view the source of a Outlook 2010 email? Viewing the source code allows you to see the underlying html and other server code contained in an email.

The button is well hidden in Outlook 2010 – see it here:

outlook 2010 view source of an email headers content

Message > move > Actions > Other Actions: View source

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One thought on “How to view source in Outlook 2010 – email headers and html

  1. if there is no such entry in the menu (found that e.g. on a German version of Outlook 2010) then you need to create a user-defined menu-subsection of your own where you will be able to add the “show source” item. that item will either be a green ball (or when in-accessible) a gray ball by default. be aware that only on non-text encoding the item in the menu will appear to be active and thus green.

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