What Al Bundy and Web Development have in common

There is a certain amount of malice in every relationship, whether Al and Peggy, Apples and Pears, Socrates and Plato… This can also be said for any web, app or any other creative development project where creators and clients come head to head.

Just like any other relationship, egos, ideas and opinions often get in the way of the task at hand. I also find that other parties can augment the situation by jabbing their views in to make for one big opinion pie!

There are 2 things that are important to a relationship, particularly one that exists purely for the sake of completing a project.

1 Keep communication going – if the people who need to be speaking at the end of the project weren’t even speaking at the beginning, your headed for the rocks. Make sure everybody has a line of communication to everyone else; and they know who is doing what.

2 Think, think again, then present – if you are the creator, client, sponsor or anyone else involved in a project, make sure you think through how you want to present your ideas, work and especially criticism before opening your yap! Every corner is a potential derailment for a project.

No matter how embarrassing Al Bundy’s personal demeanour is, he was still able to communicate with his spouse… With his hand in his pants… I think?
— I wonder how the Bundys would be doing in the recession – out of work? I don’t think Peggy would be spending much of his money at the Mall anyway.

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