API driven web design – dreams of a platform

As I continue the development of my platform project, I came across this interesting article entitled ‘What you should know about API-centric web development‘. The author talks about APIs and how they should form the foundation of any web programming. As a technology business owner, what tends to interest me is cost and quality. And on offer here is something that has plagued me with many smaller developments – UI driven system development adding cost due to work-arounds and other issues.

My lead developer and another colleague who heads up the development of a smart start-up in London (secret squirrel) both support the author’s notions.

Our skype back and forth:

  • him: as a server dev I always push API development – our system is entirely API driven
  • me: costly?
  • him: nope
  • him: just needs planning
  • him: and a good UI developer to not intermingle his code

Is it over-kill? Any examples of pure API projects to share, please comment.

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