Hip Hop from New Zealand via Gaza

One of my biggest interests in Music and in particular those genres born out of hardship and story-telling – like blues, conscious rap and hip-hop.

A good old friend of mine is big-shot MC and hip hop artist MC I.T. (Imaging This). If you’re into electronic sounds blended with Hip Hop and bad noise – CHECK IT OUT!

More about I.T.

Imagine This, an MC, DJ and producer, began his music career under the alias MC Bling in 2002 with ‘Rudeboy’, a winning track in the Rhythm Nation competition. He then released ‘Beat to Beat’ on Sugarlicks in 2003. In the next couple of years he released two vinyl EPs and a cd single under Definite & Bling with Capitol Records. In 2005, Definite & Bling released the album Flavourism. The album hit #5 in NZ, and received multiple accolades.

He has performed live on television shows such as Campbell Live, the TV3 News, Top of the Pops, Juice TV, MTV, Maori TV, and the Sports Café. He has provided support to internationally touring artists such as De La Soul, Jurassic 5, the Nextmen, DJ Craze, Mixmaster Mike, DMX and many more. After releasing a total of 3 records and 4 videos under MC Bling, he began his solo career in 2006, with releases charting nationally and receiving substantial radio play.

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