Facebooks’ padlock security update – what changed?

So FACEBOOK has again changed the way their privacy works and added a nice little warning function in the form of a Padlock in the top right of the screen. Thanks Facebook. But, why did you change my security settings? I had them nicely locked down and you opened up my ‘future statuses’ to the world only to warn me that they were… <insert sweary abuse at FBook here> (please comment with suggestions for sweary abuse – Im looking for creativity here, not just foulness).

I noticed the change as an overzealous associate who normally only sees basic activities commented on a status. Upon checking the lists he was on, it appeared that he shouldn’t be able to see anything – viewing as him, he could see that post!!!

Why care?

Facebook was ordered to stop doing this – making changes that subvert users existing privacy preferences. Has the ruling changed? Or is Facebook flouting the law? You tell me – anybody else had this experience?

This affected my custom list viewing permissions for wall / status posts.

Note: FBook rolls out new featured by region, so you might not be seeing it yet.

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