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I love the smell of blogging in the morning! (Sic, Apocalypse now) WordPress is one of the easiest website systems to optimise for search. That said, there are always more ways to improve it.

i thought I’d piece together another guide on WordPress SEO, but with difference…  this guide will reference movies references for you to work out! Woot!

Before starting, remember that the Google Panda and Penguin search algorhythm updates have altered the way Googles search engines work, so be careful with you SEO tactics. Key rule: if its not organic, it’s probably bad for you. hmm tastes like baby food. See the surprising SEO factors article below.

Ok. to start with, think about installing WP SEO plugin from Yoast (more from him in the comprehensive guide below). this will help you to do most of the seo tweaks.

once you have the basics sorted, check out some of the overlooked factors. Some of these are highlighted here by Search Engine Journal:

so you’re probably thinking ‘how the hell do I work all this info out?’

Well, you measure and quantify everything! Start with Google webmaster tools and check out the errors section, this will help you fix some of the easy staff. Also, check out the SEO tools from Link Assistant. if you’re too lazy, head over to my auditing site, I will prepare an audit for like a fiver. It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s fucking sale of the century, as a matter of fact, I might just keep it!

Well, that’s all folks. Just don’t forget, there is always an easy way to do things, but sometimes this these can be counterproductive, so always practice safe SEO!

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